• The Complete Fly Fisherman’s direct advertising forum works on a block/grid system: each page consists of 24 blocks (4 across and 6 down). You can therefore combine any number of blocks to create a design or shape of advert that will suit your budget.
  • At the request of the client, advertisements will be made up free of charge but remain the property of TCFF, and may not be used in other publications. Layout, design and colour setting of advertisements are done at the sole discretion of TCFF, but will be submitted to the client for approval within reason.
  • Advertising material supplied directly by the client must strictly conform to TCFF’s exact size and format standards.
  • All adverts are printed in full colour. No discount is given for black and white advertisements.
  • Single-leaf, loose inserts are charged at a fee of R2000 per 1000 units. Bound inserts, booklets, or other non-standard units will be quoted on separately and will depend on the size and weight of an individual unit. An additional fee per 1000 units is charged for plastic bagging (30 micron clear plastic) and sealing of magazines containing the above inserts. This service is optional for single-leaf, loose inserts, but a prerequisite for non-standard units.
  • Booking deadlines are by the 10th of every second month for the following edition.

Please contact our offices on (012) 371-3915 for rates and more info, or e-mail: