The Complete Fly Fisherman (TCFF) is a specialist fly fishing magazine featuring articles that deal with the greater discipline of fly fishing. This includes, but is not limited to, the following categories:

  • fly-tying and techniques
  • fresh and salt water tactics
  • fly fishing venues
  • boat impressions and gear reviews
  • conservation
  • satire

TCFF prides itself on the integrity of its editorial. Therefore, it publishes only authoritative, well-written articles on the various disciplines that encompass fly fishing. Photograph submissions must meet our required standards of quality and composition. In some instances, we may use our library resources. However, we generally prefer the submission of topical photographs with the article. Sketches will be considered for publication only if of proper standard and quality. If necessary, these and may be redrawn by our staff.

If you wish to submit an unsolicited article, please bear in mind that TCFF supports catch-and-release practices and therefore has an editorial policy not to publish photographs of dead fish and/or fish held in a manner which may impact on their general well-being.

Our editorial policy is not to promote any specific product or service through the publishing of articles, unless such products and/or services are justified in the particular context. References to products and/or services will otherwise be removed.

Please Note

While we attempt to answer all queries, this may take some time depending on workload. Rest assured that all submissions will be read and evaluated and responded to in due course. So, do not despair if you do not hear from us immediately.



  • Articles should be within 850 - 1500 words.
  • Please type these articles in Microsoft Word format.
  • Please submit articles via e-mail to


  • Please submit photographs in an electronic/digital format (jpg) in 300 dpi.
  • Do not send images larger than 10mb by e-mail, unless specifically requested to do so.
  • We prefer WETransfer links sent to us for download (
  • Should you wish these photographs to be used exclusively with the submitted article, please advise us accordingly. If this is not the case, submitted photographs that are not published may be added to our stock library and used at our discretion at a later stage. The photographer will be credited when and if said photographs are published.

Please Note

  • Please bear in mind that TCFF reserves the full right to edit all articles in whatever manner we may deem necessary to meet either our use of language, grammar and/or technical detail standards.
  • TCFF does not normally pay for unsolicited published material. If you require payment for an unsolicited submission, please mention this when submitting the article. Should we wish to publish the article under those terms, we will negotiate payment with you.
  • Please do not submit articles and/or photographs that have been published elsewhere (including websites), and/or have also been submitted to another publication.
  • Be advised that we assume no responsibility for the manner and condition in which manuscripts and/or photographs are received or returned, but will take reasonable care when returning them.