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• In Memoriam: RIP Lefty Kreh by Tom Boyd
• Late Summer Fishing by Ian Couryer
• Fly Rod Fighting Strategies for Large Trout and Strong Yellows by Fred Steynberg
• Mother Nature's Curveballs by Mike Wentzel
• Encounters with Trout: Part V: Trout in Crazy Places by Andrew Fowler
• Artist on the Move: Gavin Erwin by TCFF Eeditorial Staff
• Green Lagunas of Patagonia by Jonathan Boulton
• Largemouth Yellows by Ian Couryer
• Cradle Moon: Reviewed by Dylan Isaacs
• Foam in the Salt by Murray Pedder
• Brush Fly Techniques by Arno Laubscher
• A Good Knife is a Friend Forever by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Letters to the Editor
• What's Up
• Gear Bag
• Product Review: Yamaha Machete Panga Boat
• Product Review: Cortland Fly Lines
• Book Review: Petitjean CDC
• Specialised Services
• Outventure Guide