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• The Going Gets Tough by Ian Couryer
• Asking and Learning by Andrew Fowler
• Climate Change: How will it Affect our Fish? by Nicholas van Wyk
• The Addict by Mike Wentzel
• Up Close and Personal with Mark Yelland by PJ Jacobs
• Greenland by Thomas Søbirk
• Q&A with Tom Lewin by PJ Jacobs
• Chasing Silver in Tuckamore Land by Hans van Klinken
• Largemouth Yellowfish: Part II by PJ Jacobs & Marius Rousseau
• San Pedro Adventures by Grant Dryden
• Trout Streamers by Murray Pedder
• Hook Selection: Part II by Arno Laubscher
• Fishing from Heaven by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Letters to the Editor
• Gear Bag
• Product Review: Maui Jim Sunglasses
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• Outventure Guide