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• Fine and Far Off by Ian Couryer
• A Treatise of Fowl Hooks and Foul Mouths by Mike Wentzel
• Encounters with Trout: Part IV: Lessons on Lingering by Andrew Fowler
• Kalahari Gold – Golden Largemouth Conservancy by Garth Wellman
• Astove Atoll: Fly Fishing for the Masters of Destruction by Rasmus Ovesen
• Uniquely Country by Webber Marais
• New for 2018: Tying Materials, Tools and Techniques by Murray Pedder
• Dubbing Applications by Arno Laubscher
• Thoughts from a Lagoon by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Letters to the Editor
• What's Up
• Gear Bag
• Product Review: MotorGuide Xi5
• Product Review: LOOP Evotec Cast Fly Rod
• Specialised Services
• Outventure Guide