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• Rough and Ready, My Cousin by Andrew Fowler
• So Long and Goodnight by Ian Couryer
• Prey Interpretation by Arno Laubscher
• Understanding Fly Rod Actions and Fly Line Combinations by Anton Hartman
• Spring Creeks and Dry Flies: The Pinnacle of the Pursuit? by PJ Jacobs
• The Maldives: Poor Man’s GT Paradise by Thomas Søbirk
• The Boiler Room: Fly-Tying Passion and Innovation by Murray Pedder
• CDC Compara: The Must-Have Dry Fly by Leon Links
• TCFF Sterkfontein Experience 2019: Report-Back by PJ Jacobs
• Eco-Warriors by Andrew Levy

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• Photo Competition
• New Products and Gear
• Trading Directory
• Outventure Guide