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• Gently Does It: What Does Fly Fishing Teach Us? by Peter Brigg
• Untouched: A Southern Chilean Journey by Marc Petitjean
• A Fishing Invitation by Andrew Fowler
• How (Not) to Spook Fish: Golden Rules of Engagement by Gary Borger
• Verlorenkloof Estate: Where Fish Eagles Roam and the River Beckons by PJ Jacobs
• Ed Herbst: The Delicate Fly Fisher by Stephen Boshoff
• Pushing Boundaries: The Evolution of a Fishery by Deon Stevens
• Atlantic Bonito On Fly by Robin Fick
• Unlocking the Largemouth Mystery: Six Things you (Absolutely) Need to Know by Paul Fick
• Patagonian Pilgrimage: Exploring Argentina's Wild Rivers by Laurel White
• Dapper Damsels by Murray Pedder
• Travelling Hopefully by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Letter
• The Story Behind the Cover
• GearWatch
• Outventure Guide