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• Swedish Lapland: Dreams are Made of This by Laurel White
• Secrets of the Prodigious Karoo by Alan Hobson
• Small- and Largescale Yellowfish: The Black Sheep of the Family? by Horst Filter
• Chasing Tails: Covering the Bases with Crab Flies by Deon Stevens
• The Lore of Local Literature by Andrew Fowler
• Artists and Crafsmen by Peter Brigg
• Tom Sutcliffe: The Man, His Writings, His Art and His Life in Fly Fishing by Stephen Boshoff
• An Enduring Friendship by Ed Herbst
• Tributes to Tom Sutcliffe by some of his close friends
• Fishing Lodges by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Letter
• GearWatch
• Outventure Guide