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• Product Review: Maui Jim Polarised Sunglasses by PJ Jacobs
• Product Review: Horizon Troutstalker Float Tube Deluxe by TCFF Editorial Staff
• Of Riffraff and Ponies by Andrew Fowler
• Iconic Dries: Men of the Kloofs and Roosters of Gevonden by Stephen Boshoff
• Intrepid Adventures: A Pictorial Journey in Search of Twig Waters by Marcel Terblance
• Discovering Italy by Marina GIbson
• River Craft: Mastering the Dead-Drift with Action by Gary Borger
• A Little Luck on an Irish River by Stu Apte
• Remembering Roger Baert by Andrew Strachan, Ed Herbst & Andrew Fowler
• Hunting Poachers at Sterkfontein Dam by Craig Hill
• Western Cape Salties Part II: Mike Dohlhoff by TCFF Editorial Staff
• Plettenberg Bay: The Season That Was by Deon Stevens
• Country Roads by Andrew Levy

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