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• Product Review: Thule RodVault System by PJ Jacobs
• Of Old Men and Revered Streams by Andrew Fowler
• Nature's Child: The Incredible Art of James Hitchins by TCFF Editorial Staff
• South Island: Unparalleled New Zealand by Gerhard Laubscher
• Piscator: A Stream of Plenty and Learning by Stephen Boshoff
• Wolf Spiders by Peter Brigg
• A Light Bulb Moment: LaFontaine and the Sunken Hopper Mystery by Ed Herbst
• Man on a Mission: The Upland River Conservation Project by Andrew Fowler
• The Island of Funen: Sea Trout Fishing as Good as it Gets by Terkel Broe Christensen
• The Kabeljous River by Deon Stevens
• Aphorisms: The Fly Fisher's Stock in Trade by Andrew Levy

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