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• The Allure of Trout and Investing in Things Speckled by Andrew Fowler
• Fifth Avenue Tarpon by Paul Curtis
• GTs in the Surf: Exploring the Magical Maldives by Rob Jeffrey
• Ash River Drift: A One-of-a-kind Experience by PJ Jacobs
• Tying Better Flies: Contrast and Transitions by Paul Damon
• Hog Farm by Dick Donnelly
• Two Seasons from my Fishing Journal by Andrew Fowler
• Age and the Fly Fisher by Peter Brigg
• Floating Fly Evolution in South Africa by Stephen Boshoff
• Dry Flies on the Stream at the Bottom of my Garden by Ian Couryer
• The Perfect Fly: The Sunray Shadow by Terkel Broe Christensen
• Looking Back by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Letter
• GearWatch
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