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• Ascending Caddis Pupa by Arno Laubscher
• It's Called Evolution by Anton Hartman
• Pollution, Dilution, Solution by Andrew Fowler
• Rhodes: An Iconic Town and Home to Fly Fishing Legend Fred Steynberg by PJ Jacobs
• In Search of Natal Yellowfish: Top Scaly Rivers of KwaZulu-Natal by Carl Freese
• In Pursuit of Weza by Sean I'Ons
• A Rod Maker's Thoughts: Why Bamboo by Stephen Boshoff
• At the Gates of Antarctica by Mauritia Kirchner
• Six of the Best Largemouth Flies by Murray Pedder
• In Memoriam: Gunga Donn by Andrew Levy

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• Book Review: The Feather Mechanic
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