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• Pride and Humility by Andrew Fowler
• Unpredictable Conditions by Anton Hartman
• Book Review: "What We Do In The Shallows" by Dave Hitchins reviewed by PJ Jacobs
• The TCFF Charity Initiative: Fly Fishers Giving Back by TCFF Editorial Staff
• Rhodes, the Eastern Cape Highlands and its Wild Trout by Peter Brigg
• A Fly Fishing Life: Tony Biggs, Master of the Dry Fly by Campbell Lyons
• Wild, Wilder Cameroon by Keith Clover and Ed Truter
• Garden Route Tackle and Tactics by Deon Stevens
• Predator and Prey Part II by Stu Apte and Tom Boyd
Taking it on the Top by Murray Pedder
• In Search of Labrador's Trophy Brook Trout by Rasmus Ovesen
• Reassessment by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Photo of the Month Competition
• New Products and Gear
• Outventure Guide