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• UV Resin by Arno Laubscher
• Mind Your Manner by Anton Hartman
• May I Pay for That, Sir? by Andrew Fowler
• The Best of Africa: An Orange River Journey by Jonathan Boulton
• Invermooi Estate: Jewel of the Midlands by TCFF Editorial Staff
• uMngeni Interludes by Andrew Fowler
• Qwantani Berg and Bush Resort by PJ Jacobs
• Pirate’s Haven: Centre of Wild Salmon Nirvana by Hans van Klinken
• Q&A with Pro Guide Arno Matthee by TCFF Editorial Staff
• The Boiler Room: Part III by Murray Pedder
• Fishing Through the Crisis by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Photo of the Month Competition
• New Products and Gear
• Product Review: Douglas Sky 5-wt Rod
• Outventure Guide