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• Autumn You Beauty! by Anton Hartman
• Get Passionate About it! by Andrew Fowler
• Dragonflies by Arno Laubscher
• A Look Inside the Cortland Line Company by Murray Pedder
• A New Take on Techniques for Largies by Anton Hartman
• Escaping the Mental Asylum: The Rhodes Trip Continued by Andrew Fowler
• Call of the Stream by Peter Brigg
• The Chalk Streams of Southern England: Part II by Clem Booth
• Experience Northern Norway and the Thrill of Catching Arctic Char by Rasmus Ovesen
• Predator and Prey: Part I - Behaviour and Motion by Stu Apte and Tom Boyd
• It Gets Better with Age by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Photo of the Month Competition
• New Products and Gear
• Outventure Guide