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• RIP Middle Vaal River by Ian Couryer
• Fly Fishing for Charity by TCFF Editorial Staff
• Broke and Fly: New Kids on the Block by TCFF Editorial Staff
• Magical Malaysia: From Ancient Jungles to the South China Sea by Hans van Klinken
• Flats Fishing Australia: From Ningaloo to Cairns by Richard Schumann
• Rivendell Trout Estate by TCFF Editorial Staff
• From Humble Beginnings: The Natal Fly Fishers Club by Andrew Fowler
• Baitfish Patterns and Techniques by Murray Pedder
• Micro Patterns by Arno Laubscher
• In Quest of the Elusive Quetzal by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Cast
• Letters to the Editor
• Gear Bag
• Product Review: Scientific Anlgers' Infinity Fly Lines and Fish Monkey Gloves
• Specialised Services
• Travelling Angler
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