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• Tying For Success by Ian Couryer
• Transformation by Andrew Fowler
• Largemouth Yellowfish – The Expert Approach: Part I by Murray Pedder
• Profile: JVice – A South African Success Story by Hans van Klinken
• Hunting GTs From Shore: Unexplored Waters by Rudolph Scheepers
• Phelps Lake by Rasmus Ovesen
• Zambezi Grande Reviewed: by PJ Jacobs
• Marabou Trout Lodge Reviewed: by TCFF staff
• The Magic Threads of Semperfli by Hans van Klinken
• Hook Selection by Arno Laubscher
• Fishing Lines by Andrew Levy 

• Editor’s Cast
• Letters to the Editor
• What’s Up: TCFF’s Sterkfontein Experience
• Gear Bag
• Book Review: Yet More Sweet Days
• Product Review: Loop 7x F Rod
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