A 242 page full colour book on all things relating to fly fishing for tigerfish


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The Complete Book of Fly Fishing for Tigerfish is a full colour, 242-page compilation of carefully selected articles not only to amplify the reasons why tigerfish are so popular, but also the where, how and when to fish for this species. Offering the insight and experience gained by several pro and experienced tigerfish anglers over many years. The collective experience of these anglers is immense and affords the reader insight that can rarely be achieved through a book written by one author, irrespective of experiece. From cover to cover, this book is filled with articles detailing the species, tackle, tactics and flies, and how to conserve this most stunning and impressive true African predator. If you are a tigerfish fly angler, this book is right up your alley and will help increase your skill levels. Or, if you have never fished for tigers but desperately want to, this book contains all you need to know. Even if you do not target the species specifically, the beauty of the photography and the ambiance created through the environment where tigerfish roam, will have you pining for a tigerfish excursion.