A five-book series, each featuring 20 of the world's best 100 fly fishing venues.


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The thrill of fishing new waters is undeniable, the lure of the next bend on the river or a flat never fished addictive and, at times, all consuming. It is what we do, and what makes fly fishing the special pursuit and lifestyle that it is. For us the pursuit is as much about the dream as it is about the experience, for where would we be if we no longer dreamt about fishing somewhere spectacular? The thing is, dreams have a way of coming true, and the harder you focus on your dreams, the better the chance of actually doing that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

THE ULTIMATE BUCKET LIST, Volume 1, brings to you the following world-wide destinations, including:

Florida - Flats of Homosassa • Idaho - Railroad Ranch • Argentina - Tierra del Fuego • Mexico - Baja Peninsula • India - The Saryu River • Bolivia - Tsimane • Iceland - Stora Laxa River • Slovenia - Sava River • New Zealand - South Island • Belize - Ambergris Caye • Mongolia - Northern Highlands • Argentine Patagonia - Lago Rodrigues • Costa Rica - Sixialo River • Seychelles - Alphonse Island • Alaska - Royal Coachman • Tanzania - Upper Myera River • Madagascar - Coastal exploration • Christmas Island