Author: Tom Sutcliffe

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A new third edition of "Hunting Trout" in a limited quantity of only 500 copies to meet the steady demand for this now iconic book. 

Tom Sutcliffe is a South African fly fishing icon, and his "Hunting Trout" is the result of a lifetime spent pursuing trout. It is a mammoth work; one that I believe will, in time, take its place among literary greats like McGuane's "Longest Silence" and Sydney Hey's "Rapture of the River". It provides enough technical content to increase any expert's knowledge tenfold, including delightful chapters on presentation, fishing dry flies and nymphs and stillwaters, as well as a treatise on tying flies. And Tom's wonderful prose will keep you spellbound throughout. - Dean Riphagen

People ask why I’ve bothered to publish a third edition of this book. The fact is I get regular inquiries from people looking to buy a copy and I have had none in stock for nearly two years. Second-hand copies, especially of the first edition, are now not only pricey but are also hard to come by. So I approached the publishers of "Yet More Sweet Days", Burnet Media, and they were happy to take the project on. I have gone for a redesigned cover crafted quite brilliantly by Sean Robertson of Burnet Media from a photograph by Gerhard Laubscher of the Bokspruit River in the Eastern Cape Highlands. There’s an added piece of text in which I described how I came to write "Hunting Trout" in the first place, how Ed Herbst influenced many chapters especially through his eccentricities in packing and travel, and there’s a new foreword by Steve Boshoff. Nick Lyon’s first foreword has been retained. Much of the artwork has been redone with many new pieces added, including a study of the old cottage on Heatherdon from which we would leave to fish the famous Old Dam. – Tom Sutcliffe

ISBN: 978-1-990956-15-7