Author: Andrew Levy


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Andrew Levy has been a dedicated fly fisherman and fly-tyer for over 40 years. He is a disciplined keeper of a fishing diary, and his outings form the basis of his regular column “Last Cast” in The Complete Fly Fisherman magazine. Andrew’s style of writing is crisp with a gentle self-deprecating humour in every phrase. He has the capacity to appreciate the silences and solitude of angling, but revels in the companionship, the stories, the music, the food and drink that complete the angler’s perfect day on the river. Many of the tales do include the catching of fish, but the book is more – it embraces the environs, the equipment, the evolution and the passions of fishing. Andrew’s reflections will remain an enduring substitute for the lean times not spent on the river. This book will remain a constant companion to be read and reread.

Soft cover, 148mm x 209mm
Black and white, 183 pages

ISBN: 0-620-28956-2