Author: Tom Sutcliffe

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"Yet More Sweet Days" certainly lives up to the weight of expectation for all his fans, both locally and internationally. Racing upstream in leaps and bounds, this book will take you to places you've always wanted to fish: you will wade the high mountain streams in the Eastern Cape, clamber the boulder-strewn crystal waters of Western Cape kloofs, cast gentle flies on hallowed English chalkstreams, and fight with fresh-run Atlantic salmon in Iceland at the foot of a belching volcano. You'll pick up tips and ideas, almost without realising it, from a master fly fisher who has done more for our beautiful sport in South Africa than anyone, ever. And you'll find yourself wrapped in Tom's philosophy, which embraces the fish, the birds, the landscpaes and the people; a philosophy honed by thousands of hours spent stalking wilderness streams and enjoying countless mugs of strong coffee sipped relectively on the tailgate of this beloved fishing truck. - Paul Curtis

ISBN: 978-1-92-823071-7